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I talked to Jeremy Fomato a couple days ago and discussed him coming to Vegas to do some tuning. I was sick of the crappy service that the one tuner in town gives. He sounded really enthusiastic to come out and has agreed to come into town the last week of july 24th - 28th (Tuesday through Saturday), he also has plans to work some serious hours while he is here (upwards of 16hr a day if need be) so we can probably accommodate guys getting off work etc. Nothing is set in stone as of yet so if you have a big problem with that let me know fast.

I wanted guys to have enough time to get some installs done before he shows up. If you don't know who Jeremy is do some searches on this forum and on the ls1tech forums. He is one of the best tuners for the LSx motors in the country and is highly regarded in those circles. One of the things that sets him apart from most tuners that we could have called to come down is his amazing porting ability. He will be porting stock manifolds and TB's while he is here and fast intakes I believe. He will tune for all known applications, FI, HC, N02 etc. There will be no major installs (exceptions are intakes and TB's), this is not at his shop so his tools will be limited and we are bringing him here for his tuning ability, we have plenty of competent installers in town.

As of know I have 5-6 people that want in on the tuning, Jeremy would like 10 minimum and will have a max of about 20-25 people depending on what everyone wants done. I have a feeling we will be turning people away because all 6 of these people are from corvette forum and we will be posting this on all the relevant LSx based forums until the group is full.

We are going to be out at Silver State Motorsports at the speedway. Jeremy will be doing dyno runs/tuning at their location and a big requirement of his was that we be near a nice open road for street tuning after he has the basic dyno tune done. I think with the 75mph speed limit out there this will be a perfect combo.

I will be doing the scheduling for that week so if your interested at all give me a pm or better yet email me at [email protected]. Give me your name and phone number and what you want done (tune, port work) and any time constraints you have (ie. can only do it on wendsday etc.)

ok, I got the pricing from jeremy today.

375 for the tune and dyno run (including street tune)

400 for the stock throttle body and stock intake to be removed, ported, and installed.

An extra 10 to remove the PCV system

150 for the Throttle body porting by itself

300 for the Intake porting by itself
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