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We received the following email:
Digital Corvette Members

Due to some irreconcilable difference between the Corvette Museum and West Coast Corvettes we will not be attending the C5/C6 Birthday Bash. Without going into deep detail, our spot of 7 years was given to other vendors. We have supported the Museum for over 7 years doing shows and this year we were told, because they assumed we were not coming (without verifying by a simple phone call to us) our spot was given to other vendors. They have offered to put us at the other end of the layout but that was not ok with us.

Since we will not be attending the C5/C6 Birthday Bash will still want to offer the show specials to our customers and supporters. We will be offering a "10% Off Sale." The 10% sale is off retail prices only and does not apply to sale items. Some SELECTED PRODUCTS are also not included. This sale will go on 4-17 thru 4-29 ONLY.

We wanted to clarify that this is NOT TRUE. We have not even started soliciting vendors for 2011. The following is a response from our events department manager, Roc Linkov:

"We have no idea what this is from but my hunch is that this is an old item that is being resurrected. They haven’t been vendors here in years and we have not even done anything with vendors for 2011.

I remember around the time I came here there was a big fight between East Coast Corvettes and West Coast Corvettes; each demanded that the other be excluded from being a vendor at the NCM (the owners had been partners and had an acrimonious split) and we couldn’t meet that demand. In addition West Coast did not bother returning the vendor forms we sent or indicating attendance in any manner. I believe there were cases where they would just turn up without any notice and you know we have to lay out the vendor lot well in advance to insure that there is sufficient utilities for each vendor.

You can forward this back to whoever contacted you because it has nothing to do with the last 5 years that I can recall and maybe even longer ago. If this is a current statement then they are just making it up since we have not dealt with them in years or any vendors for 2011."
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