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My friend David owns this car. I work for a historic racing team and we usually take about 10 cars to the Monterrey Historic races at Laguna Seca. Quite a few of the west coast guys on this forum have stopped by at the races and said hello. David pitted near us in 2009 and I took this picture.

It's mid pack car at best. I would make a bunch of changes to make it better, but in the spirit of the rules of nearly the same as back in the day it is what it is.


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The relatively small amount of reading I've done on Greenwood's accomplishments, led me to believe that he was some kind of automotive genius.

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The relatively small amount of reading I've done on Greenwood's accomplishments, led me to believe that he was some kind of automotive genius.
Thick wallet or genius depending on how you look at it. Just ask your self how much of #75 is really Corvette? Kind of like NHRA ProStock Harleys. I think the only Harley part is they put on a factory circular cover plate on the lower engine.

I work on these old cars and nothing was genius on #75. Look at the time frame. They already have F1 and IMSA cars. Greenwood corvettes were crude big motored GT class cars.

The can-Am cars were one of the places where real thinkers were employed

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Thick wallet or genius depending on how you look at it. Just ask your self how much of #75 is really Corvette? Kind of like NHRA ProStock Harleys. I think the only Harley part is they put on a factory circular cover plate on the lower engine.

I work on these old cars and nothing was genius on #75. Look at the time frame. They already have F1 and IMSA cars. Greenwood corvettes were crude big motored GT class cars.

The can-Am cars were one of the places where real thinkers were employed
Anything to back up your claims? Because I'm pretty sure I can find info to the contrary.

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Anything to back up your claims? Because I'm pretty sure I can find info to the contrary.
Backup what claim? It's just a junky car put together with existing parts available during that day. Right down to the air craft brakes being used on the Lola and McLaren cars.

The #75 doesn't even have high tech fuel injection that was readily available at the time

I can't remember what the #75 has on it for a rear 6 link, but most of them used Jaguar or a copy of Jaguar produced here in the US like the guilstrand (SP?)

You really need to go to a historic race and look at those old cars. Another really crappy car is the Cobra's. Unsafe except for a straight line. They are nothing compared to the quality construction of the Lola built GT40's

I guess the real question is why do you think that these old GT cars were something special?

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They came out with a 4 link IRS. I'd have to double check, but I think GM incorporated something similar in later production corvettes.

This is from their site. If they weren't innovators, I don't know why these magazines wrote so many articles.

Over thirty years of developing, racing, promoting, and selling America's First Sports Car doesn't go unnoticed, and John and Burt's contribution to motorsports and automotive design has been chronicled in many articles, books and advertisements.

The following is a partial list of publications that have commented on at least one aspect of the Greenwood saga.

Magazine/Book Month Year Article Title
25 Years of Corvette Perf. Special 1977 Greenwood's Racer
America's Best Corvette 1984 Screamin' Yellow Zonker
America's Best Corvette 1984 How to Go Racing
AutoCar Jan 1975 Ultimate American Sports Car
AutoKracht May-Jun 1987 Corvette Greenwood
AutoWeek Dec. 6 1975 Greenwood Storms Daytona
AutoWeek Jun. 9 1980 Customizers add pep to the Corvette
AutoWeek May 11 1981 Greenwood's tree bears fruit
AutoWeek Apr. 1985 Gambling on a sure thing
AutoWeek Jan 25 1993 Greenwood
AutoWeek Mar 13 1995 Greenwood G-383
Blue Bars May-Jun 1973 Blue Bars Visits Greenwood Racing
Blue Bars Nov-Dec 1979 Blue Bars Feature Car
Canadian Classics Jun. 2003 Rudy Braun's # 05 Trans Am/Greenwood
Canadian Classics Jan. 2004 Rudy Braun's Old Blue
Car & Driver Mar. 1975 Greenwood/Corvette Takes Daytona
Car & Driver Mar. 1976 IMSA Chooses Cars & They Aren't Porsches
Car & Driver Oct. 1977 Big John's Comeback
Car Craft Dec. 1976 Ad- BFG with Greenwood Turbo
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1976 (Greenwood's) Corvette Speed Secrets
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1976 History of Racing Corvettes (Part II)
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1978 How To Build a Stingray Hatchback
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1978 How To Build A Sportwagon
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1978 Frank J. Dominiani
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1977 Gabbin' With Greenwood
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1978 Gabbin' With Greenwood
Cars: Corvette Annual Annual 1977 Requiem for a Lightweight
Cars: Corvette Special Feb. 1973 The Street Is Neat
Cars: Corvette Special Feb. 1973 Super Sealer
Cars Magazine Dec. 1975 Corvette Speed Secrets
Chevy Power Nov. 1977 Greenwood Builds em' Right
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Corvette Customizing Book 1981 The Ultimate Station Wagon
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Corvette Enthusiast Dec. 2006 The Spirit Cars
Corvette Enthusiast Jan. 2007 Early Rising Drop-Top
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Corvette Fever Jul-Aug 1981 Own Your Own Greenwood Daytona
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Corvette News Apr-May 1979 Phil Currin Blazes the IMSA Trail
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Corvettes @ Carlisle Aug. 1996 Chip's Choice
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Hi-Performance Cars Feb. 1973 The Street Is Neat
Hi-Performance Cars Feb. 1973 Super Sealer
Hi-Performance Cars Feb. 1973 Ad- John Greenwood Wrote The Book
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SHARK Quarterly Spring 2000 Phil Root's Turbo
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SHARK Quarterly Summer 2000 Vettettes
Stingray '82 (Dutch) June 2005 One Big Wing
Super Chevy Feb. 1977 The Sebring GT
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Vintage Motorsport Oct. 2002 The Incredible Hulk
Wide World of Corvettes Annual 1975 Greenwood's Racer

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Just go look at all the racing Vettes from that time frame. There is nothing high tech or innovative about them. All they had to do is walk around the pits and look at how real race cars were built and then back engineer that into what they had. Like my Sorry Vette brakes overheat! What are you guys using. Oh, we have Lockheed ... brakes that never over heat. So John goes and buys Lockheed brakes

They were just low budget race cars built to compete in a lower level of racing.

I've met people like you that are very proud of their 1972 Baja Bug with a racing history. It's still crap even if it won it's class at the Baja 500 or 1000.

We could get a Porsche guy in here on the forum that could come up with a 1000 articles praising Porsche's innovations. You just need to get a grip on reality that poor people by Vettes, the next up the food chain is the viper owner, higher yet is Porsche owners, then you have the under $250,000 crowd of European sports cars. Then you have the select few that buy the up to $1.3 Million dollar super cars. Even these guys are poor compared to the ones who have $100 million dollar car collections.

We sir are just poor ass Vette owners. :laughing:

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According to their website, the C5 suspension was similar to one of theirs:

The suspension didn’t go unnoticed as this was John Greenwood’s forté. Rear Koni coilover shocks and heavy duty sway bars were a given, while the rear suspension utilized a unique upper and lower A-arm configuration, not unlike that of the 1997 Corvette. This “radical” configuration virtually eliminated the dive and squat associated with hard braking and acceleration. The physical location of these suspension pieces necessitated the formation of a fiberglass interior rear floor. The rest of the interior remained stock except for the boost guage neatly integrated into the dash. The serial plaque on the ashtray door indicated which of the three Turbo GTs you were riding in.


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Interesting info from the Greenwood site...

The widebody or slab-side cars were the next evolution after our Greenwood team cars. The widebody car was first introduced at the Detroit car show in Cobo Hall in 1974. It was dubbed the Batmobile by the press and it would have been the next generation of BFG cars if that contract had continued. As it happened, it was destined to be a “team” car.

There are a lot of details about the 1974 car which might be interesting to various people but I think it is important to share a lot of the credit with some very special people. The flares were developed with a lot of help from Zora, Jerry Palmer and Randy Wittine. Zora was always eager to help with ideas and to explore new concepts. Randy Wittine did the aerodynamics and styling stuff. Jerry Palmer, who eventually became head of Styling, also worked on them. Randy was involved in most anything that happened. He did all kind of things and worked with Penske too. He even worked with people outside of GM who were doing prototypes. And, of course, this was when we started dealing with Bob Riley for help with chassis design.

The widebody had a very “chiseled” front end. The IMSA rules didn’t say anything about the fender flares so we shaped them to add downforce and left the back ends open. It used 4-piston calipers and a tube-type roll cage for chassis stiffening. It had a belly pan with a wing built in at the ground-plane; I guess it was an early form of diffuser and would have generated ground effects. IMSA rules didn’t allow it but that was OK because we knew it was going to be a sacrificial element in the rules game anyway. We did get away with the wheel wells being vented through the rear openings and that helped reduce lift. Zora got involved with us about that time and he got Styling involved. The wide fenders they designed swept up to add downforce by using the extra area necessary to cover wider wheels. We also added a lot of body rake to further add to the downforce. Our noses were so low because we dropped the body around the frame; everybody else who didn’t buy our parts tried to do it through the suspension. That wasn’t as good. Even today people try to figure out our horsepower and speed by using frontal area and they just don’t get the right answers. The standard formulae don’t apply; there was so much more to it than that.

Like I said, Bob Riley did some of the initial chassis work. We played with settings over the next two years but, you know, we eventually came back to just about what he had designed for the best dial-in. The cars debuted at Road Atlanta that year in a 10 lap winner take-all event. Our big competition was Bobby Allision’s big block Camaro but we won with a twenty second advantage. We went on to run like a freight train that year, winning our class. We won the season finale with a two lap lead over the second place car.

After our wins in 1974, the Porsches and BMWs adopted our flared and open wheel well style but we still kept winning. We took class again in 1975. A lot of the older cars started to update to the wide body style

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You have not shown me anything. Right in my shop we have 1950's European road racing cars with inbord disk rotor IRS suspension. It just continued to get better as the race cars got newer.

Most of these supposed innovators of yours had raced European cars in the late fifties and 60. So they had 10 years of examples of other manufactures. Wings/spoilers/air dams were kind of a late 60 idea. They would go out and run a new car and if it was unstable at high speed then would bend some metal and pop rivet it on.

They all had spies and hiring who they could from other successful race teams. Back then it was the guy with the most money who won. Racing was for rich people who could afford it. It was not the best drivers. Not until big sponsorship and professional drivers did all that change.

I seriously doubt if any of Greenwoods personal designs were ever incorporated over into F1, Indy Car, IMSA racing. His teams collectively built cars

After our wins in 1974, the Porsches and BMWs adopted our flared and open wheel well style but we still kept winning. We took class again in 1975. A lot of the older cars started to update to the wide body style

I would really hope that a 7 or 8 liter motor could pull a 3 liter on the straights

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It has gone from Greenwood the genius to a whole advanced design race team with lots of funding.

Every team probably claims that they came up with stuff first. It's doesn't really matter. I still stick with my statement that Greenwood early 70's cars look very amateurishly built in comparison to the Monocoque bodies already in existence 8-10 years previously in open wheel racing with advanced multi link IRS
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