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CCA-982-KIT Chevrolet: 262-400, conical valve spring kit

(1) open throat to 85%-90% of valve size
(2)cut a 4 angle seat with 45 degree angle .065-.075 wide where the valve seats and about .100 at 60 degrees below and a .030 wide 30 degree cut above and a 20 degree cut above that rolled and blended into the combustion chamber
(3)blend the spark plug boss slightly and lay back the combustion chamber walls near the valves
(4)narrow but dont shorten the valve guide
(5) open and straiten and blend the upper two port corner edges along the port roof
(6) gasket match to/with intake and raise the port roof slightly
(7) back cut valves at 30 degrees
(8) polish valve face and round outer edges slightly
(9)polish combustion chamber surface and blend edges slightly
(10) remove and smooth away all casting flash , keep the floor of the port slightly rough but the roof and walls smoothed but not polished.
(11) use a head gasket to see the max you can open the combustion chamber walls
(12) blend but don,t grind away the short side radias

(13) have a local machine shop clearance the retainer to valve guide distance and add aftermarket springs and valve seals
(14) there are valve keepers available that add .050 extra clearance(USE THEM) but make sure the valve springs you use and the rocker/valve train geometry are set up correctly to work with the larger valve spring height and clearance!
(15) use the CORRECT matching rockers
(16) adding, machining for, screw in rocker studs is a good idea!
(17) your wasteing time and money runing a vortec head engine with an extreme high rpm cam,and intake, especially on a larger 383-427 displacement engine, the heads are designed to make massive torque in the 2000rpm-5500rpm range on a 350 displacement engine, they will not efficiently feed a 7000rpm combo on a larger engine so build your engine with that in mind

(18)if you intend to build a killer 383-427 sbc with vortec (STYLE) heads ID STRONGLY SUGGEST UPGRADING TO

E-Tec 200
Edelbrock E-Tec 200 heads have 200cc rectangular intake ports and 78cc exhaust ports. They outflow the “fast burn” aluminum heads by 10% on the intake and 17% on the exhaust, making power up to 6500 rpm. 64cc combustion chambers produce approximately 10.2:1 compression when used with flat-top pistons in 350-inch engines. E-Tec 200 heads come with 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust valves.
E-Tec 200
Chamber Size Bare (single) Complete (single)
64cc #60969* #60989*
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