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A buddy has a bad OEM-cam in his pristine, 20,000 original-mile '80, and since he gotta yank the cam, he figures it's also the time to add an intake and heads, hoping to approach what Shiverlay shoulda made the car in the first-place!

He wants a lumpier-idle, and is hoping for 300 crank HP, while retaining the Q-Jet, A/C, cruise-control, and getting decent mileage with his 3.07-gears, which I don't think should-be too-hard to acheive.....

He has been pointed-towards the CompCams' XE268H split-pattern cam by a local hot-rodder, which is plenty-enough cam, and is considering using 64cc-chamber Vortec-style cylinder heads from Scoggin-Dickey Performance, who offers the heads with better springs (.525"-lift ), with the Edelbrock Performer intake, for less-than $1000

but according to my Edelbrock catalog, this intake won't allow the stock-hood on a Corvette to close, and we are at a cross-roads:
I am trying to offer help from my new HQ in Florida, while he is still shoveling-snow in Taxylvania.....

Has any Forum-member here used the Performer vortec intake with a Q-jet on a late ('80-'82 ) C3, and what-kind of hood-clearence problems are we looking at?


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