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I'm a newbie to this site so I hope I'm in the right spot for this...

I'm in desperate need of a close to perfect, restored or unrestored, 1959 Corvette Frame. I live in Southern CA so it would be best if I got it from someone in CA but that is not a limitation to my purchase.

I'm willing to trade a close to perfect unrestored 1958 frame with matching VIN tag for a 1959 frame that is in really good condition and it is even better if it is unrestored.

I'll also sell just the 1958 matching frame and VIN tag once I get my frame from elsewhere so you could call it a finders fee if you can help me hook up with someone with the right frame!

If you have or need one e-mail me directly or MSN me!
[email protected] or MSN at "Garth-atWORK"
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