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you are definitely not crazy when you notice some products attracting dust, I have read that the intrinsic molecular lattice structures used in some modern protectorates tend to attract stray electrons, a static charge, and some deal with it better than others It's just a dang shame I can't remember which ones were which.

To answer what I use, that's a tough one.

Maguire's shows up supporting a lot of car events, offers a company night school on car finish care, and personally gives the award for best paint at the yearly car show at the Artcenter collage of design, where all the car designers graduate from, a very big deal car event it helps sponsor. From the awards stage he stated, " you don't have to use our product to win this award, you just have to look like you do." of course a lot of those cars have supporting staff so the owners don't really ever know what products are on their cars.

On the other hand, Mothers, and there is no shine like mothers, supports a fine local public radio car show (online 90.7) with buckets of product, the good stuff, plus towels when you donate in support of the program during fund drives. I still have ceramic stuff I haven't used from them.

and then Griots garage just gave me a nice micro fiber car drying towel during an on line holiday celebration that I just happened to see announced in my Email, checked in late about halfway through, saw they were giving away orbital polishers and stuff , messaged I felt left out because I didn't have a registration number, and they kicked me down the towel, which even arrived before Christmas. they have a super nice wheel cleaner that turns purple from the iron as it dissolves the brake dust bonds

When I asked a really spectacular low rider at a car show what he used, he shrugged, saying I don't know man, whatever is around.

All I can say with positivity is turtle wax for chrome, the white liquid in the little green containor.
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