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64vette said:

How much room do we have for photos ??????:confused:
Right now, we have enough room for 50,000 photos. But, if we have enough members to get to that point, we'd have moved to a giant server by then to keep up the top-notch response time.

:) Of course the speed of this site (which is on a gigabit backbone) is largely dependent on your ISP, and your area in the country... and what other ISP's you have to walk thru to get here... and rarely reflects the speed of the site, which is only utilized at 2% on average... so I don't anticipate any noticable impact with if we had 20,000 pictures today and 3000 users on this very server.

But, dontcha worry, my pet pieve is performance, and you can bet the server will always be 150% of what we need.

Am I rambling? I think so.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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