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Chuck E. Cheese gets addicted

Kids flock to Chuck E. Cheese to win cheap prizes, greasy pizza and dirty play tubes, but Chuck E. Cheese may be dishing out something other than its normal specials. Debbie Keller, from Dallas, Tex., is suing the chain restaurant because she believes it develops a serious sense of gambling habits in children. She said many of the games resemble gambling devices, such as slot machines and roulette wheels. Maybe the Texas mother of two was tired of only winning the dime toys behind the counter, so she decided to invest in the entire toy chest.

Busted for meth(ane)

Why use biofuel when a 13-year-old will serve the same purpose? Except biofuel doesn’t get a day of suspension, which is what two seventh-grade boys’ punishment was after farting on a school bus. Of course, Anthony Nichols’ — the farting offender — father did not take this punishment so lightly. The school official described the boys’ actions as “obscene gestures,” which the father thought compared the boys’ action to if they would’ve flipped someone off. By the sounds of it, flatulence now compares with stealing another student’s lunchbox and selling the food for profit.

Batman gets an ass-whupping

In Las Vegas, a fight between a man in a Batman suit and another guy didn’t go so well for the caped crusader. The two exchanged insults, then the citizen picked up an orange traffic cone and chucked it at Batman. This angered the Dark Knight, and he shoved back and tried to use some ninja moves. Sadly, Batman ended up getting decked in the face several times and eventually fled the scene — no doubt to his Batcave.

A jungle in a box

Do you remember that movie “Jumanji”? Well, apparently, a 36-year-old man did more than remember — he was living it. The United Arab Emirates citizen was busted at a Thai airport with suitcases filled with baby leopards, panthers, monkeys and even an Asiatic black bear. It’s not clear what’s crazier — the fact that he possessed half of the animal kingdom in his bags, or that he actually thought he could get away with smuggling the entire animal kingdom through customs.

Catfight, anyone?

In Cleveland, Tex., a man’s fight with a cat got so violent that he had to be airlifted to a Houston hospital. The cat was armed with a set of fierce claws, and the man was wielding a knife. It was a savage bout between the two with no victor. The cat had serious wounds and was eventually euthanized. If a major Hollywood director doesn’t take this and make it a box-office hit, all faith in the movie industry will be lost.
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