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Welcome to the new C8 Section where you will find the all of the breaking news about the new rear-mid C8 Corvette.

You will also find some older threads that discussed the eventual possibility of a rear-mid Corvette. We Corvette fans are passionate about our icon as you will see.

Follow this section as we get answers to our concerns and expectations ...
Will GM be able to incorporate Corvette level utility into a C8 that will push the Boxster handling into second place?​
Will the C8 be so expensive that most of us will never own one?​
Will there be a front mid (C7-type chassis) offered in addition to a more exotic beater rear mid?​

We will get these answers and more as we find out about the C8 together.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BELIEVE. We have seen some forums post some absurd threads with comments that are ludicrous. There is a C8 Forum that posted a spy pic of the C7 ZR1 and told their members it was the C8 and would have a supercharger for the first time in 20 years. Every word was wrong. The pic label was wrong.
  • The reference of a supercharged Vette from the factory 20 years ago was wrong. The first FACTORY SC was the 2009 C6 ZR1.
  • All of the leaked news thus far indicate the C8 will start out with a normally aspirated 500HP version of the LT engine.

Every thing you will read in this section at DC, comes from reliable sources and logically fits our decades and decades of Corvette ownership, Corvette experience, and Corvette history. For us, Corvette is not a casual interest, it is an obsession. Therefore, our posts are informed and educated, and yet, some of the predictions will be wrong or incomplete. Please enjoy reading the posts here as much as we enjoy keeping you informed...and if you DO see something you know, or think, is wrong - please speak up! Thank you for being here.
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