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one of the VERY RARE... GOOD VALUES harbor freight, (above)
I had a 15% off coupon in a sales flyer, I bought a second auto dark helmet from them for $44 ,I had the old one for several years with no problems yet, how can you beat a basically throw away price on an auto darkening helmet that works for that price//
Ive got $360 miller auto darking helmets that are only marginally better

the only advantages I see in my more expensive helmets is the degree of shading is adjustable and the screen areas larger.,and the sensors tend to work better at odd angles, but both features are of minor value in the welding Ive been doing, simply because the harbor freight helmets set up to fairly close to ideal as its out of the box settings. (thats why I bought a second one) and rarely use the miller brand helmets, if IM going to screw one up, get the screen scratched or burnt with framents of crud from welding over my head under a car, it may as well be a $44 throw away vs a $360 ID cry over
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