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hey guys, i'd like to know how your cars are running, and the things you did that you think improved your cars the most.

I had some issues with my cooling system and they are now fixed "I hope" my driving stats are:

water temp around town stays 185 to 205 in traffic and going down the highway at 75mph = 208.
oil temp hovers from 200 to 238.
mpg is usually around 15
- is this in the acceptable range? - and do your cars operate in similar regions? is the oil getting too hot?

i'm sure if we all posted our cars driving stats it would help all of us to diagnose potential problems.

what I know about my new car -
my car has the dreded crossfire system. it's been working good for me, but i'm not exactly sure how it was set up. the car is a bit of a mystery. the previous seller was a car dealer and did not know that much to tell me.
I would guess that the top end was rebuilt because of wear, car has 137k miles - and previous owners installed a mild "RV" type cam or something similar, a cheap tranny shift kit, put in a k&n filter and completely gutted the smog stuff. cut out the exhaust from the cat back and added true duals with no cats and an h pipe going to flowmasters. the car runs great, and there are no codes, and no engine check stuff coming up on the dash. I was sure that I read that no cats can lead to engine warning lights somewhere. but there is probably a way around that.
I really wish to find out if my car still has the stock computer chip. but how would it have a stock chip and no cats or emmisions stuff?

worst feeling I got was realizing that one piece of side trim says crossfire injection, and the other side of the car says tuned port injection.
O boy. I wonder just how bad it was smacked.
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