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what blues were available for the '01-'04 C5?

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Are there any other shades of blue available for the '01-'05 C5 other than the Electron Blue?
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the lemans appears pretty similar to electron. do you know which is darker? I'd like to see both in person. also, isn't there some kind of vette meet at carlisle? any meets in the CT area?
Nice. I am camping on the 20-23, so maybe I'll have to make this an after-trip trip, lol. I may not be a Vette owner yet but can surely talk to some people that can offer me some insight and get an idea of what route I want to go. I like the idea of a targa top so much that I may just say forget the Z06, and get a dark blue targa C5, then get it supercharged, etc. down the road.
I've seen the navy blue metallic but don't think I like it all that much. I think I like the LeMans blue the most, but off course it seems much more rare than EB. I mainly am seeing it in C6's and Commemorative edition C5's. Nassau blue is way too light for me. The idea is to find a midnight metallic type blue that is decent enough that I don't feel I need to repaint the car. I am thinking right off the bat I would like to go with ACP's widebody kit (seen below) and their reg. painted or maybe CF (probably not though) Magnatractor hood. Probably lower it a tad, and add wheels/tires. I will probably keep stock power for a year or something then ideally would supercharge down the road. It's all preliminary planning now, but it will definitely happen and I like to do lots of research before diving into a new project. Also, I would probably like to go with Specter Werkes C5R headlights. Toughest decision it whether to go with the Z06 from the start or have the luxury of the targa top like I want, but then have to spend more to make up for the power difference later on. Dunno, I can't wait though!!!
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