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what blues were available for the '01-'04 C5?

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Are there any other shades of blue available for the '01-'05 C5 other than the Electron Blue?
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Dont forget the ultra rare navy blue metallic.

Electron blue is lighter and more metallic, than LeMans blue, EB is pictured in my avatar. LMB is a nice color too, i think they made it from 04-07, EB from 03-04, NBM im guessing 01-02, and Nassau blue from 97-00. I could be wrong though.
nice tumbleweed Roy! :rolling:

Seriously thats one sweet ride there, nice wheels too. I hope you realize what a rare car you have being NBM.

I had an 02 NBM trans am that seemed to turn different hues in the sunlight and when you walked around it there was a really deep blue to it that was awesome and hard to explain.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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