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Well, I guess I'm sold on the tune. :agree:

What is the best one and how do I get it. Is it best to buy the tool and install it yourself and learn to use it or try to find a vette guy in the area. :huh:

I'm having a hard time finding someone who knows anything about vettes around here. NW Louisiana. Anyone on DC know a Vette Mech, in this area?


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Hey bro, pick up a Halltech Stinger.

Then have Jim Hall from Halltech (contact him at [email protected]) and he can do a mail order tune for you, he can even use the exact programming used on my car.

I put down 393 HP on a conservative dynojet, or 462 HP at the fly wheel w/LG street headers.

The car is sick crazy wicked slippery fast, and sounds like the devil has come to dinner.:thumbsup:

You'll likely be 10-15 HP more at the wheels than me because of the LG long tubes you have.
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