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What is the cheapest exhaust selling website?

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Hey. i got an 04 Z06, and im wanting to buy a set of longtube headers and B&B bullets. i was wondering what the cheapest website for buying exhaust was. Thanks.
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Check with our forum vendors.


They have great deals on headers and exhausts! :thumbsup:
Here is my experience -

TBYRNE has the price match guarantee policy. They beat the lowest competitor by 10% of the difference of the price... really cheap, but their availability is kind of up in the air.

SOOOO... After TBYRNE is by far the cheapest for exhaust.

I bought a Borla Stinger Catback from CorvetteGarage for $1,037. TBYRNE offered it to me for $968 but said I would have to wait 1 month for them to get the order in. I went ahead and ordered from CorvetteGarage, and using their cheapest shipping option, the Borla Stinger (Plus K&N) was at my house 3 days later.

Mike:thumbsup: is pretty cheap. thanks!

There is a group buy going on at for LG exhaust but it's probably gonna end today. 1395 for LG pro longtubes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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