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SwaveDave said:
For the shops that are charging between $ 5-8 K. for a paint job....can i expect a very high quality prep job as well as paint job ? What is involved with prepping the vette the best way ?? Thanks. Dave
I have been told by a friend who has a car which has won international awards at Concours prepared events and NCRS that any re-paint should only be done after the old paint is completely stiripped off the car. I think this has to do with obtaining the right adhesion to the fibreglass and to accommodate the flex in the fibreglass panels. Sanding and painting over the original paint may eventually crack and craze. You dont want this to happen if you are applying a high end, high cost paint or if yo plan to show the car in serious competition.

Anyway, he recommends stripping the old paint yourself very carefully with a razor blade as the fastest way. Use 150 grit wet paper around the sharp edges and corners. Once that is done. wet sand the entire car using very fine grit paper.

Naturally you will want to remove all chrome, door handles and other trim first.
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