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I prepped and painted my black 69 myself. Here's how I did it:

I stripped the car with a chemical stripper. It took two months. A better suggestion is to hire someone with an industrial blaster and have them use walnut shell or acrylic beads to remove your old paint. A lot of guys say you can just sand your old old finish down with 150 grit and re-seal it, but I believe that a bare gelcoat substrate is the best way to go. After blasting, mask the car, wipe it with a good de-greaser (I use PPG DX440) and seal it with either an epoxy primer (like the PPG DP series), or a two part catalyzed polyester primer (messy and smelly stuff, I recommend the DP Primer). After that, lay on 2-3 coats of surfacing primer (again, I use PPG K36, tinted with the finish color to promote better color hiding). spray it with guide coat (mist on some cheap spray paint) Then wet sand, first with 320 grit to knock off the high spots, then 400 grit to level the surface and remove the remaining guide coat, then 600 grit to smooth it out. Wash the car thoroughly with a good detergent, then dry it, wipe it again with your degreaser and a tack cloth, then spray your topcoat (base/clear). After the clear dries for a day or two, wet sand again, this time start with 1000 grit, then 1500, then 2000. Buff out the car with a good medium cut cleaner, then a fine cut cleaner, then a swirl remover, then wax or Zaino it.

Simple, huh? Of course this is a very condensed, step by step procedure and it is assuming your car needs no bodywork (mine did). If you need more specific details feel free to email me direct ([email protected]) I posted a few pics of my car so you can judge my results for yourself. They will be at this link once they are approved by the DC crew:My Black 69
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