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we get slightly differant versions of this question every day, but lets go over the basics one more time, for everyone reading this,
first you like most people have more than likely not given enought info to even guess at all the correct answers
we always need to know
the cars approximate weight (listed on your registration)
cars transmission type and your rear end gear ratio (stall speed?)
cars tire diameter
do you have headers?
free flow exhaust?
your engines compression ratio?
your engines displacement?
do you need to pass emissions?
can you do your own work?
what are your hp goals?
how much can you EASILY spend on the project?
do you have knowledgeable friends and tools?
what other info can you give?
now after building well over 150 engines, and working on hundreds more,I must point out that in some cases if your looking for major horsepower improvements, its faster,cheaper and easier in the long run to buy and swap in a crate engine, rather than slowly modifiy your old engine. THAT approach also has a small advantage in that you have a stock engine to re-install if you should ever break or blow your new engine or sell the car later, plus you can drive the car while your getting any engine machine work done or parts are backordered
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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