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What would you do?

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What would you do, GTM or Z06?

I have had a couple Z06 C5's and loved them. One was a MTI 427 that was a blast to drive. Now I am looking at either a 06 or 07 Z06 or the Factory Five GTM that looks totaly different, only weights about 23-2400, and would be a great track car. I love tracking cars even though I dont have as much time to do it a I would like. I have always been a little reluctant to think about a kit car, but it all comes down to fun. Cars are a terrible investment anyway, so I am not really thinking about selling it if I were to buy it. I have always been one to want something different than the next guy, this would deffinantly be a way of getting there. I have never been one to follow others opinions but I find myself wanting to ask yours. What do you think?
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Any thoughts or opinions are welcome. Thanks:thumbsup:

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I think that's a very cool lookin' kit car. I say do whatever floats your boat. Life's short, gotta do something cool. And, someone has to be a trendsetter.:thumbsup:
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Thanks, I guess I like the GTM becouse it uses the corvette drivetrain, is made with a raw performance and allows tremendous customizing options. C5 and C6 vettes obviously do as well, but I think there would be a bit of pride in knowing I actually built the car. Anyway, please keep opinions coming.:cheers:
We have a C6 Z06 and love it. Have had it on the track and that is where it was born to be. I also love the Factory Five cars. But I went with the Vette because I love going to the track and then complaining that I only got 25.6 MPG on the way there...You can't get much more different than a 200 mph car that will get 30 mpg on the highway...:thumbsup:
I've decided I'm done modding my C5. I've got my eyes on getting a C6 Z06. :devil:
Well, here's my 2 cents:

See how high you can get the horse power, shoot for 1500 and take what you wind up with. That'll be a serious challenge :devil:

But you will defiantly have a bad ass car that's not ordinary. That's what you said you wanted. What you want is all that matters anyway. Think of the thrill of driving that monster, WOW :D

Have fun, you won't get but one turn on life! :cheers:
By the way, where's your horse power now?
I would be using either a LS6 from the donor vehicle or a crate LS7. For the $13000 plus harness I could easily get 600rwhp with the LS6. With a curb weight of 2350, it should hang pretty well. With the Kooks exhaust I should have all parts nessesary. We shall see.
honestly if i were you i would look for an ls6 for cheap out of a wrecked :)() donor vehicle and then do a custom single, yes, single, turbo system, basically strap the smallest turbo you can get away with on the back (well front in this case) of the engine so you get a lil more power and great revs... i would also try and lighten the engine a bit as far as the valvetrain and rotating assembly goes to get it to rev even faster.... combined with the right cam you could have a real screamer that would scare about anyone that isnt deaf, lol

with the right setup you could easily make more than the projected 600hp if you know where to find your parts ;)
id go with the kit car, have something totaly unique, like said before id go with a turbod ls6 or a head cam ls7
You said yourself you like to be different. Unless the next guy has a FF GTM, I would go w/ that. 500+ hp in a 2400# car is pure evil! :devil: I don't know about you but it would take me a long time to get bored w/ that. :D
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