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Can someone please tell me the stock front and rear wheel size, width, and offset for a C6 ZO6.

I am building a 1962 Vette Rod and would like to run these wheels but need to know the width and offset. I am getting different answers from dealers and tire stores so I figure that you lucky guys who own one may be able to give me the correct numbers.

Thanks a bunch!!!!!

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I'm not 100% sure, but I believe this is going to be darn close based upon my experiend.

Your front will require a 2.5" wheel adapter to get the C6 wheel in the appropriate location to fit the well.

The rear will require a 3" adapter.

I have C5 wheels on my 69 Camaro. I put C6 wheels on my 85 Vette. in the process I learned the 69 Camaro required 2" up front and we simply widened the Ford 9" axle by 2.5" on each side in the rear.

Now...I found out when putting the C6 wheels on the 85 that instead of a 3/4" spacer (usually used to adapt a C5 wheel) - I had to do a 1 1/4" adapter.

That tells me there is 1/2" difference in there somewhere.

The way I knew for sure what I wanted to do on the 69 Camaro was really easy. I got some wood and made some hub plates each 1/2" thick. I drilled holes for the studs and made them where I could stack them and measure. It helped me confirm where I needed to be before buying, cutting, or welding anything.

I picked up my adapters from VB&P - but I had to tell them what I needed as they didn't have a listing - even on the C4.
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