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Where Did Everyone Go?

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This forum was pretty busy a few years ago. Where is everyone hiding? [email protected]$*m? **** 'em! :lol:
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though ive heard hes been reigned in,
I'm pretty sure I know who you are talking about
and I might be wrong, but
I'm pretty sure he is not just reigned in, but gone.
I still check in
It says you joined in June of 2022.
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Life begins at 1G

Why I bought and still have my '84 Z51. First production car to achieve 1G. 36k on the clock now.

Bought my '77 L82 4sp., knowing where the '78-'82's were going, low HP, plastic to the max interior. Looking for my next toy, heading to Ferrari. Caught the '84 VIP unveil, L.A. Convention Center. Perfect, Vette's back in play, drove directly to Clippinger Chevy to order Blue with Black leather interior. On delivery, my GF was so impressed she ordered her Silver on Silver Z51.

C'ya a 1G.
You miss understood my sad face.
(From your original post)

Check Tesla stock.. Gas powered vehicles are on their way out. No younger generation coming up to enjoy America's only sports car. Kids don't need to, or want to, learn how to wrench.
moved to Florida!!! Loving it down here-
I hope to move there (FL) myself one day.

I found this beneficial:
Corvette | FLA Car Shows

You can also sort by area/region.

I hope to see you down there someday. ;)
1 - 4 of 90 Posts