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Where Did Everyone Go?

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This forum was pretty busy a few years ago. Where is everyone hiding? [email protected]$*m? **** 'em! :lol:
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Check Tesla stock.. Gas powered vehicles are on their way out. No younger generation coming up to enjoy America's only sports car. Kids don't need to, or want to, learn how to wrench. Fortunately there's still a few "growing older but not up" lug nuts around.

Early on DC, pre-C7, I would literally spend 8-12hrs., 7 days/wk. doing tech here. Change is inevitable.

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Why talk to Patrick.. He disgraced DC costing members time and money with a due soley to his procrastination, Guldstrand build that never happened. Instead of apologizing, attempted to put the blame on Dick, which I would not allow, then changing my name and access, but keeping my copyrighted posts up. Coup de grâce, selling DC to a conglomerate that has no care or concern over it's numerous online forums.

Other than that, nice to hear from you. Torch is a stand up guy and can get you back in the flow. A shame DC is a mere shell of its former self.

C'ya infrequently, but on any thread I'm in if you want to contact me. Still doing Vette work as usual.
7% SSI, worthless when inflation is at 9%, in reality 30% increase in everything necessary to sustain life, AND everything you normally bought now reduced in size 1/3 as well.
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Life begins at 1G

Why I bought and still have my '84 Z51. First production car to achieve 1G. 36k on the clock now.

Bought my '77 L82 4sp., knowing where the '78-'82's were going, low HP, plastic to the max interior. Looking for my next toy, heading to Ferrari. Caught the '84 VIP unveil, L.A. Convention Center. Perfect, Vette's back in play, drove directly to Clippinger Chevy to order Blue with Black leather interior. On delivery, my GF was so impressed she ordered her Silver on Silver Z51.

C'ya a 1G.
FYI Patrick was using his fake accounts to bump up membership numbers to attract sponsors, especially in the early days (2002-3).

On other notes, my near completed CA mod, 454/538hp, will soon be on the auction block. Finish the headlights redo and off to Sammy Maloof's for the suspension touch ups and dyno. DC oldtimers can take first shot at a very reasonable price.. make an offer:

1966 Corvette 194376S112952 (Born February 4, 1966)
CA Resto Mod, 4 year effort near completed, ‘67 front end clip, fender flares, 6 tail lights

Fresh LS6 BBC 454 CID/538 RWH .030
Sealer Power Hypereutectic Pistons
Manley Forged Crank
Lunati H Beam Rods
GM HP Roller Cam 0.585"/0.585" Duration @ 0.050": 228°/230°
Speedmaster Stainless Steel Roller Rocker Arm Set
Canfield Aluminum 310 Heads
GM L88 low profile manifold
Lakewood 1500LKW Bell Housing
JEGS Oil Pan 50231, 6qts., (Mobil 1 10-40 & M1-302 HP Filter)
Holley 0-80870 870 CFM Street Avenger
Holley electric fuel pump & pressure regulator
MSD Ignition System
Hooker Competition Side Mount Headers (Chrome)
Hooker Headers Side Pipes (Chrome) w/muffler inserts. Side Pipes are fitted with F1 Ceramic Heat Shielding (ZeroFlex III) attached to the inside pipe wall, which eliminates the need for side covers, and no leg burns. (There’s a trick to getting the heat shield attached inside the pipe wall).
BeCool Radiator, Crossflow 2 Row, 1 in. Core w/electric fan
BeCool 71003 Coolant Overflow Can (Fail-Safe 160 deg. Thermostat)

MUNCIE M20 Wide Ratio, 2:52-1. 2nd Gen upgrades (less RPM drop between gears).
3:55 rear gears for street/highway cruising

WILWOOD CALIPERS D8-4/6, PADS, XP600 Plus Brake Fluid, S/S brake lines
Bilstein B6 Shocks
STREET: BFG Radial T/A’s, P255 60R 15, American Racing Mags (Daisy)
TRACK: NITTO Neo Gen 205 50R15/225 45ZR15 Competition, American Racing VN109 Thrust Original (new rims/tires, zero mileage)

Power Steering

New AL KNOCH INTERIOR: Door & Side Panels, Carpeting, Headliner, Trim.
Custom Leather Seats, black w/red inserts & red stitching
Heat Shield HP Armor insulation, firewall and Dynamat flooring.
NEW Dash Pad with cover.

My last, 14th. Vette redo. Saving my pure stock, pristine '84, 40k on the clock for good measure.

C'ya in the next life...
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Now Black with red stinger hood stripe, but may go back to resale Red.
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Pics not description. I to would like to see this monster.
A bit of issues with my ability to upload pics... PLUS..
SoCAL is a freeze out, rain and snow down to 1000-1500ft. predicted.AND..
I'm coming off surgery recoup.. AND
I want to finish the project for the good pics.. SO..
Stay tuned I'm charging my battery as best I can...

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Pre CA 6 tailights


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Uploading is very strange...


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The '66 is now back to original black, red stinger hood, hood chrome block off delete for cold air induction to the carb.
In tribute to Mr. Corvette, Dick Guldstrand (aka "Goldie") who sponsored my 1 of 25 ZR1's (1 of 10 Verts), 7x National Auto Cross Champion, and set up my '77 L82 4spd. (slip fit rear axle bearings), and '84 Z51 (built 11/83, first Blue with Black leather interior, Factory Override), his first '84 suspension dial in that took 3 days, probably 'cause he liked to drive it.

Dick's ride... My pics once it's finished. Stay tuned..

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Photograph

C'ya in Corvette Heaven..
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My guess a '77 but no L82 badge. AND.. looks like you shot it in lacquer, using a Binks 18... LOL!. Did you use the paint adhesion trick of grounding the chassis with chain and wetting the floor to control the static electricity?

C'ya DIY.. Very Cool.
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'77 L48, 61,00 miles, auto
Base coat clear coat, total strip, block sand, wet sand, cut and buff, will be selling it in the next couple of months
what we started with
View attachment 107001

Then stripped
View attachment 107002

Then primed
View attachment 107003
I took my '70 ZR1 strip down with baking soda blast. As it was going from full race mode back to BG Gold, I used factory correct flat off yellow primer, then correct lacquer finish. For the chassis (body off) I shot with epoxy black for durability then coated over with the factory cheap flat black for the correct finish.

"I love the smell of lacquer in the morning"...

C'ya and good luck with the sale!


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