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Who Had To Cut The X-pipe

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Of those that have a Borla catback with the x-pipe, who had to cut the x-pipe to fit?
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No cuts. Perfect fit.
Thanks. I didn't think so either until Harley at Borla told me that it had to be cut.

BTW, can you tell anything by having the x-pipe? It is suppose to eliminate popping on decel, reduce the drone, and even out the tone (note). What is your experience.

Of course it effects manuals, autos, verts, and coupes differently. Not to mention it's also subjective.
I have Kooks long tubes w/their x-pipe and high flow catted mid section, and my '07 C6 pops and spits like a banshee- before and after the Formato tune. I have grown to love it. Exact same setup on '05s and '06s is smooth as silk on decel. No popping at all. Go figure. Jeremy (my tuner) was suprised as well and we chalked it up to something different in the '07 software, because they did add a bunch of changes to the '07 engine management software.

In general though, the x-pipe is supposed to cut popping. Not my experience though in my installation! My motor loves the setup though. Very strong. Good luck!:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
Nice :thumbsup:

The more I hear, everyone has more than just the catback, no matter which flavor you went with. Gotta tell you, nothings easy. Going through the same thing with the Motorsport wheels/tires decision. Makes you just want to sit on what you have but it's hard to. I at least have a Vararam though.

Good that all of you knew, what was what, and went with it.:cheers:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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