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Why wait?

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Well, after changing my mind and talking myself into and out of it for about six months, I finally just pulled the trigger. Picked up a new Monterey Red/Cashmere 3LT convertible yesterday. A few (early) observations:

-I've had a few Corvettes over the years, but this is by far the most comfortable one I've ever been in. I foresee a lot of road trips.
-Monterey Red was absolutely the right choice. In the shade it's very subtle and classy, in bright sunlight it's nothing short of spectacular. Get one if you can still find one.
-Got a very nice deal from Gary Enck's Car Store in Cooperstown, NY, about 90 minutes east down the New York State Thruway and NY Route 28. Great people who love Corvettes and sponsor a lot of clubs & events locally.
- I went with the manual 6-speed. Drove a few with the paddle-shifter, it's OK but not for me. Might spring for the Corsa exhaust when there's more top-down weather in the forecast.
- You know, if you save up a few bucks for a decent down payment, these things are not that expensive - especially considering what you're getting. Consider the money you'll save on therapy - this car is the cure for even the worst days.
-If you're on the fence, get off and go get yourself one. The Monterey Red cars are going to become harder & harder to find, and some dealers are already asking a premium for them (Gary didn't).
-Glad I got the convertible. I like the beige top, too.
-Save the wave!
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While I personally wouldn't go for the Monterey red, it does look sweet in really bright sun-there is a lot of metallic flake in the paint al la LMB and AOT. Glad you like it!:cheers:

Save the Wave!
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