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Wikipedia Corvette post

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Hey there, C2 owners! I was reading the post for Chevrolet Corvette on Wikipedia and I do not think the following is correct. I thought I would ask those who would know best:

Corvette Distinguishing Features
Corvette has several key features that make it instantly recognizable.

The second is the four rounded taillights. Introduced in 1961 towards the end of the C1 era, these have also gone through some revisions; for example, some C2 models came with six lights. Other shapes have also been used. They are usually perfect circles, but ovals- and even rounded rectangles- have found their way onto the rear of the car.

I always assumed when I saw a mid year car w/ 6 taillights it was a modification. Did they ever build C2's with 6 taillights? I want to correct this but need to know for sure.
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Some dealers added them before they were sold so there were probably a few people that thought the six lights were factory

I corrected the Wikipedia page to reflect it
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