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:agree: you can easily build a better one than the universal ones you can purchase, but it takes careful measurement and fitting to both get it correcly clearanced (about 1/8" from the spinning rotating assembly)and make it work effectively,(push oil into the sump) the idea is to allow oil to flow easily into the sump , (and even have the spinning assembly push oil thru the screen)yet prevent the spinning crank from wipping the oil in the sump into a froth, failure to run a windage screen has little effect at very low rpms but at high rpm levels the spinning crank assembly can turn a good deal of the oil in the pan too froth and suck part of it back out of the sump, to travel along with and slow the spinning crank,something thats not good for the bearings and since it makes the rings work harder to control excess oil on the cylinder walls and takes exrtra hp to spin the crank its counter productive, youll generally have fewer bearing failures if you run a baffled oil pan and a windage screen because youll have more oil available at the oil pump pickup and less spinning with the crank and causeing problems and eating hp.
Ive seen 5-7 hp gained thru the use of one and far fewer burnt bearings thru the use of BOTH the matched baffled oil pan and windage screen combo, the control of opil flow back to the pump and having an un interupted supply is critical:thumbsup:

heres one way

heres a better than stock design

buy here
marcus3 said:
I have dumb question? What is a wind tray and whats it for?
this is one type of windage tray, it bolts in most cases to extended main cap bolts and is located about 1/8" outside the arc of the spinning crank and rods,
oil trapped or dragged by the spinning assembly passes over it surface and into the oil pan, rather than constantly being dragged around with the spinning assembly like liquid in a blender


some oil pans have them built into them,

the purpose is to BOTH speed the return of oil to the sump from the oil spinning off the bearings and rods/crank ETC. and to isolate the oil in the sump from the effects of the spinning crank acting as an impeller.
without a windage tray or screen the spinning crank assembly tends to beat the oil in the sump into a froth of oil and air at high rpm levels
with the windage screen properly installed the oil pushed over the surface is sheared off and thrown into the sump for reuse at the oil pump at a faster rate and partially isolated from the impeller effect of the spinning crank assembly.
keep in mind pushing/DRAGGING the oil arond with the spinning crank assembly takes HORSEPOWER so minimizing the voluum has the benefit of freeing up a bit of hp AND aiding or adding too the oil pumps supply of oil to the bearings in the sump as it speeds its return to the oil pump
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