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As some of you know, things have been a bit slow the last month as far as getting new info out to those of you that will be racing. Some big changes are going on behind the scenes right now and we have to re-organize a bit (losing 1 of 3 coordinators).

I'll be working on redistributing the work load along with making important info available to all the racers. So, I ask you bear with us for just a bit longer!

I'll be working over time the next few weeks so the website is 100% current along with making the registration forms available online. Rules will be posted and numbers will be assigned.

Please pay close attention to this forum for future updates over the next 2-3 weeks. We are so close to the start of the drag racing season that I can smell the burnt rubber. :D

I do thank all of you for your understanding... and it will pay off for all of us.:thumbsup:
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