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METRO REPORTER - 6th October, 2010

A Massachusetts woman faces assault charges after police
said she hit a motorist in the face with a bag of dog poop.

Boston officer Lt. Rick Santangelo said yesterday that the
woman, whose name has not been released, admitted tossing
doggie dung at the driver because she believed he was

He said the woman initially contacted police last week and
reported that she was walking her dog when she saw the
motorist nearly hit a man on a bicycle.

Santangelo said the motorist contacted police the next day
to report being struck in the face with dog feces.

The woman was charged with assault and battery with a
dangerous weapon, vandalism to property and disorderly

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I guess it depends on what kind of dog it was. Great Dane, Mastiff, or St. Brenard would be some big ass poo to be chucking at someone :laughing:
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