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I'm transplatting a LS1 into a 60's vette and I landed a good price on an LS1 Crate motor. But I have none of the accessories and mounting hardware.

So if you have any of this stuff please let me know.


A/C hoses
A/C Bracket and bolts
PS pump
PS hoses
PS reservoir and mounting hardware
PS bracket and bolts
Alternator bracket and bolts
Tensioner and hardware
Pressure plate/clutch
Belhousing Bolts
2002 ECM
Wiring Harness (Although I will probably get a Painless or equivalent harness with VATs removed)
Mass Air Flow Sensor
Mass Air Flow Air Tube and hardware
Motor mounts (just to use as an example when fabing custom ones)
Corvette Left/Right engine covers
Fuel Pump
all that .....stuff

The crate motor comes with Harmonic Balancer, Water pump and pulley, Intake and exhaust manifolds, Fuel Injection components, sensors, and Ignition coils. Everything else I need

Please let me know if there is something missing in the list above that I might need. I don't have an example to look at so your help would be appreciated


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updated List

(Update to original Post)

Turns out that the engine came with the flywheel, pressure plate and clutch. SO please ignore those items in the list above. Please ignore the need for motor mounts as well.

I'm specifically looking for vette components as opposed to Firebird and Camaro versions.

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