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forwarded from NSW Corvette Forum

You might be a Corvetteer if.......?
Count the number of “Yes” answers to the following questions and see how you stack up!:

30-40: REAL Corvetteer
20-30: Almost a Corvetteer
10-20: More effort required
0-10: Intensive care required!

1. You sometimes hear little noises from your passengers when you get on the throttle right after turning a corner.

2. You thoroughly enjoy showing the tailgater behind you how to drive a Corvette around a roundabout.

3. Your e-mail address refers to your Corvette rather than to you.

4. You buy new parts because you forgot where you put the spares.

5. You bought a Corvette before buying a house.

6. You're looking for a tow vehicle and still haven't bought new furniture

7. You know you need a new house because you've outgrown your garage and the neighbors are threatening violence if you park one more vehicle on the street or in the front yard.

8. The requirements you gave your Real Estate agent are:

- Four car garage with workshop.

- Outside parking for six cars.

- Three phase outlets in the workshop for your welder.

- Next to a service station.

- Deaf neighbors.

- Across the street from a paint and body shop.

- Some sort of house with a working toilet and shower on the property.

9. You measure all family acquisitions in terms of the number of Corvette parts/tools that could have been purchased instead.

10. You know well that dental work is the equivalent of three sets of tires, or the complete interior and bright-work for your Corvette.

11. You sit in your Corvette in a dark garage and make car noises and shift while waiting for your motor to get back from the machine shop.

12. You look at the purchase of tools as a long-term investment.

13. Your wife says, " If you're buying another Corvette, I'm buying a ------------."

14. Your garage holds more Corvettes than your house has bedrooms.

15. You have enough spare parts to build another Corvette.

16. You have car parts on your desk at work.

17. More than one Corvette supplier recognizes your voice and greets you by name when you call.

18. You can't remember when you last worked on weekdays and rested on weekends.

19. You plan your wedding around the car show schedule.

20. Your Christmas/birthday wish list begins and ends with Corvette parts/tools or a car.

21. After your answer to: "What did you do this weekend ?" the next question is always "You do this for fun, right?"

22. You have a separate drawer for your garage clothes.

23. Your reading material in the bathroom consists of Corvette supply catalogues and back issues of Corvette Magazines.

24. Your criteria for selecting a partner include auto repair skills - air tools optional.

25. You've paid $2 per litre of petrol without complaining.

26. You remember the intimate details of every Corvette you’ve owned, but can't remember your phone number.

27. Your family brings the couch into the garage so they can spend some time with you.

28. You hate long-distance driving, but will gladly drive 1000 km to a car show / race track / swap meet.

29. You save broken car parts as mementoes.

30. After you tell your wife where you'd like to go on your holiday, she answers : " there a race/show there ?"

31. You name your child ( or pet ) after something Corvette related.

32. You can remember significant dates in the history of Corvettes, but not wedding anniversaries or the birthdays of your children or family members.

33. Dress clothes consist of blue jeans and a clean T shirt with any sort of Corvette logo / photo emblazoned across the front of it.

34. Family portraits include one of the cars.

35. While driving down the highway at 130 km/h, you can spot a portion of an old Corvette peeking from a garage, tucked behind a building, etc.

36. You can recognize a particular car part at a swap meet and know exactly what it is and came off, but to see a person you know but haven't seen for a couple of years, you can't recall their name.

37. Regarding someone you've met just a matter of a couple of weeks before at a car show / race, you won't remember their name, but as soon as they tell you what Corvette they own, you instantly remember the car and everything about it, but still draw a blank on the owners name.

38. When someone reintroduces themselves to you, you say " Oh, the owner of the -------- "

39. You know how to rebuild an entire car, but don't know how to cook, do laundry, etc.

40. You remember exactly where a part is stashed in the garage, but after living in the same house for years, still don't know where certain things are in the kitchen.
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