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Z06 exhaust butterflies

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Can anyone tell me if there is a fuse i can take out, so the butterflys in my exhaust stays open? If so, are there any Pros or Cons in doing this. Thanks Rich in PA.

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Remove lower right fuse , under passenger side carpet .
z06 exhaust butterflys

Thanks, are there many fuses right there? Will it be easy to pick out the right one. Rich
I heard yesterday that there's some brutal drone when cruising in they're permanently open. Apparently there's a remote you can get to open/close the butterflies. I'd recommend that.
I have the remote and it does work well. However I think the antena is picking up some "extra noise", need to troubleshoot this a bit more. And yes there is drone when cruising at low rpm.
z06 exhaust butterflys

Yes i heard about that, maybe i'll go that route. Thanks a bunch...Rick

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It's the one marked spare if it is like my 06.

With the fuze pulled sounds good at lower speed and rpm;however at cruising it gets annoying (drone).
Zo6 exhaust butterflies

Funny thing on my Zo6 with fuse pulled I still can't deteck dron oh well no mater corsa exhaust coming soon no more stock exhaust system.:laughing:
I just installed an on/off switch in my buds Z06. Total cost under $10. :thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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