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We KNOW that the Corona Virus has an impact on Bowling Green Production. But will it have an impact on the 2020 production end date and the beginning of 2021 production? Let's review the facts.
1) The Sting Ray is marginally profitable. The more optioned out, the more the profit.
2) The Z06 will likely be MUCH more profitable even with the Z06 goodies added. So the sooner Z06s are selling, the better profit mix for Corvette.
3) When the strike affected C8 production, GM said that fewer 2020s would be produced because the 2021 start date is LOCKED IN.
4) If the Z06 is to go into production in late August/early Sept when and where will it debut? BTW, IMO, the more profitable Z06 production will take priority over the Sting Rays...but I could be wrong.

Let's assume the debut of the C8 Z06 is to be at an event that is not in the control of GM. Possibilities:
1. NAIAS in June. Why: A. The majority of new Corvettes have made their debuts at NIAS, BUT NOT ALL. B. A June Z06 kickoff would enable lots of time for Z06 orders to be placed prior to the start of production.
2. The Annual Historic Auto Races at Laguna Seca is in mid-August. For some reason, they STILL have not named "The Marque" for this year's event. The last time Corvette was "The Marque" was in 2013 to celebrate the C7 release. I attended the 2002 Races with my son when Corvette was "The Marque" and GM put on a GREAT show. There were Corvette parade laps around LS prior to the start of racing each day. They brought a SLEW of old race cars and even more concepts. They hosted a private Lunch (we talked our way in) with Jay Leno and Dave McClellan and Dave Hill were there along with a bunch of dealers. The lunch was crap, but the folks there were awesome.
3. The VIR Michelin GT Challenge is in late August. A LOT of Corvette development has taken place at the VIR. It is the Corvette Engineer's favorite racecourse in the USA and the C8.R will be racing there at this time. Debuting the flat plane V8 C8 Z06 next to the C8.R would be pretty cool.
4. I could be completely wrong on all counts. It has happened before. But I did nail the C8 Debut location. :D
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