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Z06 tires - Michelin PS2's?

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Its time for new tires!

Should I stick with the goodyears or go with the Michelin PS2's???

I drive my car daily when the weather allows it (aka not in the winter!) and am lucky if I track it once a year, and thats at a drag strip. I do drive it spirited though, I love to turn like an animal! I have read around that as for dry conditions the stocks tires are usually the best. I think they drive fine in the rain (obviously I'm not going to down shift on the highway going 70 lol) OK so a few puddles did scare the [email protected]#$! out of me, but how else was I going to learn? :devil:

The only thing that has ever bothered me is the road noise, but even that doesn't bother me much. I've never really had any problems with the tires, but I'm curious as to what people have to say about the PS2's.

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Just realized there is a separate section for wheels and tires! OK OK - send the abuse please! :smack
i have an 01 coup that i put z06 size rims and gy super car tires on every 20 ki,m sure there is something better but i got 118 k on it ,5 sets always went back to them.down side they are deadly in the rain and non run flat
Just realized there is a separate section for wheels and tires! OK OK - send the abuse please! :smack
No abuse - just a quick relocation of your thread. :thumbsup:

I am ready for tires as well, and so far I seem to be leaning to the nitto's. You may want to discuss your needs with TD4L. I hear good things about them.
I put them on my 2002, I Like'em :thumbsup:
I would do the ps2 over the goodyears that came on the Z.

I've just read last night in this months road and track about a new performance tire..

Yokohama S.speed? Supposed to be half the price and an excellent tire..(road and track)

Might be worth a look.(Just checked not in c5 Z06 sizes from what I can see..)

How about the 700 dollar Toyo T1R's?


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I also have the ps2's and they have been a very good tire, wet or dry traction is great:thumbsup:
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