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Everyone should know by now that GM has committed to a 10/26/2021 showing of the 2023 Z06. AS we have been saying since the C8 unveiling, the Z06 will have a DOHC V8. We've also shared with you for a long time that it will be a normally aspirated, 5.5L, flat-plane crank engine, and NOW we hear it will have 615 HP with 450 lb-ft Torque. Yeah, lower torque is a result of all of these type engines, but it will probably pull to 9,000 RPM so it will drive very differently from past Corvettes.

Here is a pic from the Nurburgring testing. Notice how much larger the side scoop is - how far down it goes. Those are probably the new Carbon fiber wheels, but we don't know if that is the new base Z06 spoiler or the Z07 option spoiler. My guess is the std Z06 spoiler and the Z07 will be a taller, larger wing.Note the new intakes at the front and the (seemingly) unchanged hood proving that the past camo had a slab of styrofoam under some tape to mislead us that there was a soop there (WHY? Silly engineers). Not shown here is the center exhaust and revised lower reared treatment. Notice the little downforce 'wings' just ahead of the tires. IT looks like all four fenders and both fascias are unique. Possibly the doors too(?). Could it be that only the frunk cover, the roof, pillers and hatch are unchanged?


Here is a link to the Vid of the Z06 testing at the 'Ring. ABSOLUTELY make certain your sound is on and up when you watch it:
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