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Black 08, A&A TI supercharger. Kooks headers. CCW wheels. Much more
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Holy **** for $150 I'll buy them and re sell them and more than double my money!!!

The Z06 Ti exhaust is less restrictive than the Coupe/vert exhaust so you will pick up some power and drop some weight as well. They do sound good but not quite loud enough for me.
thats good advise,sell them for 500 bucks and buy some 2 tip borla stingers.stingers weigh less than zo6 exhaust,sound the best of all c5 exhaust and fow the best.the z06 has a pretty beefy cam so the exhaust wont sound the same as it does on the z.but yours will sound a little deeper than stock.funny how alot of c5 cars consider putting these exhaust on.i think its a sign that the z exhaust isnt any better than the c5 exhaust(except weight),or why would all the z owners be changing them-still to restrictive.just my opinion,later,Todd.
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